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What Happens When We Grow Up?

Soulmate and I were getting gas (no, not THAT kind!) for the car the other day and I saw a big sign for Nestle DrumstickNestle Drumstick inside the gas station. Do you remember those?

It transported me back to the summers when I was a kid. Getting instantly taken back to a warm summer day in the innocence of childhood made me remember all the simple things that made me smile back then.

I remember…

  • Nestle Drumsticks
  • Blowing dandelions into the air and watching them dance away to plant themselves for next year
  • Eating berries off thorny branches (oh the pain we endured to get the good, juicy berries!)
  • Running barefoot in the dirt and loving how the ground felt
  • Swinging on a swing for hours
  • Playing down by the creek and exploring all the buggies in the water
  • Chewing on gum and trying to blow the BIGGEST bubble
  • Imagining myself flying to the moon
  • Listening for the Dickie Dee and scrounging for change to get a SpaceSicle
  • Selling enough newspapers to buy my Dad a boat

(couldn’t find any pics of me as a kid, so a found these on a fun stock site!)

As I recall these memories and actually ‘feel’ them, it reminds me that as ‘grownups’, we grow up and become cautious because we are more aware of dangers and improbabilities. We don’t reach as far or as high and often pull back on our ambitions.

Do you notice how that sort of adult awareness has held you back from doing something that you always wanted to do?

Natalie Brown

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