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These songs, in an electro-soul / R&B / Pop style, represent an odyssey through personal relationships of fictional and real-life characters.This album was 2 years in the making, all recorded in a home studio I built with my writing/production partner in Toronto, Canada.

This was the first time I used “Crowd Funding” as a way to pay for an album. The experience was both exciting and nerve-wracking! Normally my recordings are funded up-front and then I try to sell enough to pay for the album and it was interesting this time to pre-sell it. Even though I felt that having the funds up-front would be helpful, there ended up being a lot more pressure having to guarantee that I would like what was recorded and creating a product that was worthy of release. An artist doesn’t necessarily always like what they create and it’s always nice to have the flexibility to keep recording until you’re happy rather than release on an artificial deadline. The experience was indeed a roller-coaster but I’m glad to have gone through it.

Sharing the songs and giving updates via my YouTube video blogs as they were being written was a great way to get feedback, and the interaction, while it made me feel vulnerable was inspiring and gave me a lot more confidence and strength. Since these songs are about relationships, it’s been good to hear that people are able to relate to one or more of the topics covered in “The Relationship Odyssey’.

Pick up a copy of the album and I’m sure you will enjoy it if you are a fan of Pop/Electro-Soul/R&B music!

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