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White Girl Gets Haircut in Africa

Random weaves, kids with water cans & palm tree roots! Walk to the corner store in Uganda.

Vlog: White Girl Gets Haircut in Africa

Come with me as I get my first haircut in Africa!

Hey loves! I went for my first haircut since before we moved from Canada at Mira’Salon at Kabira Country Club in Ntinda by Mirjana (she is so awesome BTW). If you are in UG she offers full salon services.

I’m learning how to acclimatize to life Uganda as an Expat. I definitely think it’s awesome to have the experience to live in a different country where the culture is different to your own.
Come with us as I get my hair cut and we have lunch at Kabira Country club.

Thanks for watching.

Kabira Country Club
Kampala, Uganda
Call +256 794 047200
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiraSalon-163477597137646/

Kabira Country Club – Hotel, Event Venue and Restaurant in Ntinda Kampala

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