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Apartment Tour & Buying Furniture on the Street in Africa

Apartment Tour & Buying Furniture on the Street in Africa

Apartment Tour & Buying Furniture on the Street in Africa #vlog #africa #uganda

Vlog: Apartment Tour & Buying Furniture on the Street in Africa

We got some furniture and an apartment!

Hi loves! Hope you are well. Check out this video to have lunch with us at Cafesserie, see our apartment in Kampala and come with us to buy a couch from the roadside furniture market on Nsambya Furniture Row on Ggaba Road. Later on I will do an updated apartment tour for you since now we have more furniture and art and things!
Thanks for watching.

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My 90 Day Challenge Results and I Didn’t Mean To Say It THAT Way!!!


We’ll be having a Challenge wrap up chat on Ustream to talk about our challenges, how we did and what we plan to do moving forward. Join us at 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central, 2pm Pacific on Sunday, June 27th. If you are not in North America, click here to convert to your time zone. Even if you did not do or did not finish the Challenge, come on out and let’s chat!

Chat here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/natfriends-live-chat

Hi Everyone!

Thank you to those who participated in the 90 Day Challenge or followed along via the Vlogs. It was a lot of fun to do this with you and I’m happy to report success on 2 out of 3 of my challenge goals! YAY

I still have my goal set to do shows/tour this year, but as I’ve been mentioning lately, I really need to get an idea of where the most clusters of people are in order to then plan the cities and do presales to ensure all the costs are covered.

I’ve been thrilled to share the process of making “The Relationship Odyssey” with you and I will let you all know when it’s available at the online digital stores such as iTunes and Amazon Mp3 to purchase.

Join us for the Chat today (Sunday, June 27th) at 5pm Eastern: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/natfriends-live-chat
Convert to your time zone if you are not in North America:

Looking forward to chatting with you.

Much love,


I Apologize, Live Shows Part 2 & Horn Honking!

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Hi Everyone!

Wow, the 90 Day Challenge is almost over! I will post my final update on June 25th, so watch out for that.

I wanted to clarify some of the questions I got from feedback to last weeks nVlog. Me talking about the live show/touring is not meant to be negative or defeatest at all. My talking to you about the reality of it is meant to give you some insight into doing shows and touring as an Independent commercial sounding artist like I am. I am very determined to do this, but of course do need whoever is interested to let me know by signing up to the mailing list (see above).

To Recap:

An act like me often has to be thier own promoter. This means renting the venue to do a show as well as market & promote it.

Some things that may need to be paid in advance:
Band pay deposit
Venue booking fee(s)
Security for venue (if required)
Airline Tickets
Tour Bus Rental
Tour Bus Driver fees
Gear Van Rental
Insurance (for vehicles, gear, venue and medical insurance if out of country)
Travel Visas

While on the road:
Gas, food, lodging, per diem, gear rentals, lighting rentals, incidentals, etc…

Nat’s To Do’s B4 Shows Happen:
Build fan base & get geographical data from mailing list to see where all of you are to know where 2 route shows. Then do show ticket PRE SALES to cover up front costs. Sign up to my mailing list now so I know you are interested.

Much love,

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Electricity, My Live Shows & Endless Tube of Toothpaste :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope you feel the electricity in this new song!!

Thanks for watching my long explanation about me doing live shows. Please sign up to the mailing list so that over the next while I can get a sense of where you all are and use that to plan my next steps for live shows.

Have YOU ever had an endless tube of toothpaste? LOL

Much love,

Please join my mailing list: http://www.natalie-brown.com/list.htm
This is the ONLY reliable way of me getting info to you and getting info about where you live so I can attempt to plan what cities to bring my live show to.

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