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Goodbye for a while…

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Goodbye for a while…

Goodbye for a while…

Dearest loves,

I have realized that sometimes you have to be silent and disconnect from outside influences to be able to reconnect to your inner self and tap into purpose and creativity.

In 2019 I have promised myself some solitude and time thinking about what is next for me creatively. This means a break from social media activities among other things. This will be my last post for 12 months and I plan to not post to my social media profiles or YouTube during that time. I want to come back and connect with you beautiful people in a better way.

You are all loved and appreciated. See you in 12 months.

Do you give off the same vibe in print as you do in person?

Do you give off the same vibe in print as you do in person?

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are doing fabulously! In a busy time now making preparations for the live show and DVD. Been meeting informally with a few potential band members and it's been interesting! The meeting I had last week prompted this vlog topic.

So are you the same in person as you are in writing (online or offline)?

Wishing you an incredible, fabulous week!

Much love,




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