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Headbutted by a Giraffe

HEADBUTTED by a Giraffe in Nairobi Kenya

HEADBUTTED by a Giraffe in Nairobi Kenya #vlog

Vlog: HEADBUTTED by a Giraffe in Nairobi Kenya

Giraffe Centre #africa #vlog #nairobi #kenya

Oh yah headbutts, giraffe licks and kicks!

Giraffe Manor: https://www.thesafaricollection.com/properties/giraffe-manor
Giraffe Centre: http://giraffecenter.org/
Extended Version w/ full Conservation talk: https://youtu.be/14dhrRA8Z48

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Marabou Stork Lake Naivasha Great Rift Valley Kenya

The Weirdest Bird I have EVER seen in my LIFE in the Great Rift Valley!!! #vlog #weird #bird #africa

The Weirdest Bird I have EVER seen in my LIFE in the Great Rift Valley

The strangest, biggest bird I have ever seen!

In The Great Rift Valley!

We took a day trip to Lake Naivasha north of Nairobi for a BBQ. I saw the Great Rift Valley for the first time in my life and it is STUNNING! Words and pictures can not describe my awe. It is the most beautiful stretch of land I have seen in my life so far and it seems to go on forever! Soulmate and I saw this huge, strange, weird, ugly looking bird and it fascinated me. I came to find out it’s called a Marabou Stork. It has an incredible wingspan of 12 feet which ranks the species as having the largest wing-spread of any living bird. The WHOOOSH sound is incredible to hear in person.
Read more about the Marabou https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marabou_stork

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The Cutest baby Monkey in the World

Monkeys in our BACKYARD! #Nairobi #Vlog

Monkeys in our BACKYARD! #Nairobi #Vlog

So this was day 4 in Nairobi…

And there’s Monkeys!

We were still hella jet lagged! I wanted to show you some of the footage of our back yard monkeys. I’ll dig up more for another vlog. I would legit do yoga and they would come watch lined up on the concrete wall. Nothing like doing bridge pose in front of monkeys. They just sat there saying ‘stupid human has no tricks!!!” 😀 Enjoy!

Courtesy Beach BBQ Episode:
I washed my hands in the toilet!?

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