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Kenyan Street Food

Vlog: Eating A Kenyan Meal Ruaka Town #food #adventure #africa #travel

Vlog: Eating A Kenyan Meal Ruaka Town #food #adventure #africa #travel

Vlog: Eating A Kenyan Meal Ruaka Town

FOOOOOD #africa #vlog #nairobi #kenya

We went out to Ruaka town near Nairobi with our friend Willy for a Kenyan meal at a roadside butchery.
See a longer edit from this day: https://youtu.be/0JRYGyGQeEg
Read a blog on Diva Foodies about my Nairobi, Kenya food experiences:
Today’s meal was:
Roasted Goat (Mbuzi Choma)
Sukuma Wiki

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The Sy Effect Radio Interview May 2012

IAmSy sits down to talk with me about many things including: 10+ years in the music business, my path in the music business from Gospel to R&B/Pop mainstream music, Mp3.com, being compared to ‘famous names’, being yourself as a music artist and how difficult or easy that is, marketing as an Indie commercial sounding artist, 2 things about me that no one knows and the release of “The Relationship Odyssey”.

“The Sy Effect” Internet Talk Radio
Host: IAmSy
Show aired May 16, 2012
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