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Lizards Dance & Boys Fight on the way to the mall in Kampala Uganda. #vlog #africa

Lizards Dance & Boys Fight

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Lizards Dance & Boys Fight on the way to the mall in Kampala Uganda. #vlog #africa

Vlog: Lizards Dance & Boys Fight.

Walking to the mall in Kampala, Uganda. #vlog #africa

Hi loves! We Walked to Metroplex Shopping Centre (about 3km from where we live) for the first time and went to Nakumatt which is a grocery store. We saw a very cool looking lizardy thing that did a funky little dance for us and some boys having a heated discussion about a football game. It’s such a great walk with so much to see. Come along!

Anne Kansiime



Thanks for watching.

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YouTube SUX

This Sucks! My YouTube Channel is Broken.

Sooooooo, it turns out that something is terribly broken in my YouTube Account.

It’s a long story, but let me try to bullet point it for you.

  • In 2011 I was offered YouTube Partnership (YAY).
  • In 2014 I linked my AdSense Account.
  • Something broke along the way in 2014 and my videos are not being monetized.
  • I didn’t even notice until I got active on YouTube again recently.
  • The reason I didn’t notice is because all of my music is managed and monetized by my distributor The Orchard/Sony Music.
  • I’m supposed to get revenues for my non-music content.
  • Seems that ads are not playing on any of my videos anymore.
  • I have had an exchange of over 40 emails over the past 3 months with YouTube and it’s making me want to pull my hair out braid by braid.
  • I can’t get anywhere with them.
  • They keep telling me ‘a technician is looking into it’.
  • YouTube Partner Support is USELESS.

So, here I am trying to sort things out but I am at a crossroads.

I could start a new YouTube Channel for my vlogs and leave my music on my existing channel which I have had for 11 years. I am obviously hesitant to do that because now you have to get 10,000 video views on a new channel to become a partner. Plus, my current channel has over 500K views, 3k Subscribers and I have over 130 videos posted to my channel. I am not able to re-upload the old content to a new channel due to bandwidth constraints here in Uganda [internet is very expensive].

Some of you are probably wondering why I even care about monetization. Well I do because it’s part of my income and I need that income live, to make more music for you, to make videos, to spend my time creating content which you will [hopefully] enjoy.

What does this mean?

It means that I might need to take a few more weeks to try to sort this mess out with my existing account. If I can’t do it, then I will start a new channel and invite you to subscribe over there.

It’s a YUGE pain in the ass. I know. Trust me. It’s frustrating the crap out of me.

If any of you out there is an AdSense or YouTube expert and you would be kind enough to help me out, please reply to this email.

I hope to have a good update for you soon. In the meantime, I will continue to edit. I’ve got some great vlogs coming up for you.



PS a big thank you and shout out to Rafal for working with me the other day to help identity the AdSense issue. #yourock

Is Food More Important Than Music?

Food Is More Important than Music?

Lately I have been enjoying making food more than making music. I had to think about that and I realized a few things. Will you indulge me in my heart spilling in a stream of consciousness to whoever might take the time to read it?

Once upon a time, back when I first started to make music, it wasn’t the ‘norm’… there weren’t all the tools available to do it like there are now and basically only actual musicians could make records. Making those records was a really special thing to do and when you put a record out people enjoyed it. They didn’t (always) rip them apart like you were someone on American Idol to be ‘judged’. They just bought the record, enjoyed it and sometimes let you know if they liked a song and told you what it meant to them. That felt so good. Me giving a piece of my soul to strangers and them loving it, feeding from it to sustain thier souls. This is why I make music. To feed a soul. Today, when I bake something or make a meal and I share that food with someone I feel like they enjoy it. I feel like that food made a difference to them in their day and it gives me such immense pleasure to feed someone and know they have enjoyed it.

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