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Natalie Brown You're No Good Video Announcement

A HUGE SURPRISE! New Music FREE for YOU! #music #2017 #free #pop #r&b #chill

New Music From Natalie brown


New Music FREE for you.

This chill, laid back, contemporary R&B/Urban/Pop song “You’re No Good” was originally intended for use in a movie soundtrack. It did not get placed so we are releasing it to you to enjoy.
Get You’re No Good FREE on Bandcamp: https://nataliebrown.bandcamp.com/track/youre-no-good

Stream on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6ukw8nFYRyqMmxnNp8z0NF
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nataliebrown/youre-no-good/s-E0CLk

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The Sy Effect Radio Interview May 2012

IAmSy sits down to talk with me about many things including: 10+ years in the music business, my path in the music business from Gospel to R&B/Pop mainstream music, Mp3.com, being compared to ‘famous names’, being yourself as a music artist and how difficult or easy that is, marketing as an Indie commercial sounding artist, 2 things about me that no one knows and the release of “The Relationship Odyssey”.

“The Sy Effect” Internet Talk Radio
Host: IAmSy
Show aired May 16, 2012
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Women Centric Interview May 2012

Making It As an Indie Musician

When singer-songwriter Natalie Brown lost a record deal in 2000, she started her own label with a partner, and they released the record together. That first album, Let the Candle Burn, kicked off on internet sites such as Amazon and iTunes — and Brown has never looked back. Being independent is difficult, she acknowledges, but it means she can stay true to her own values and persona. “I don’t want to be a packaged product,” says the Canadian-born, contemporary R&B, pop and soul musician.

One factor in her success is her ability to be open to new ideas and avenues. “I jumped on the MP3 bandwagon very early,” she recalls. “To this day, I adopt any new technology to further my livelihood.” She took advantage of licensing her songs to TV and film after Colgate/Palmolive came to her in … Click to read the rest of the interview

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The Truth About Major Label Deals & Why You Should Support Indie Artists

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Hi Everyone!

Hope you have had a fab week and that the weekend has been enjoyable. I’ve been taking the weekend to re-set and am enjoying it as it’s much needed.

Just keep in mind that this video is a call to action about supporting Independent artists rather than trying to be a complain-fest about major labels. A complain-fest is another topic for another vlog!

This video really only scratches the surface on the realities of the music business and is based on my personal experience in the business dealing on the Major and Indie levels. Stats are taken from reports from media transcripts from conference panel session press reports and from my own personal knowledge. I hope to delve a little deeper in some future vlogs. I think it’s very important to bring awareness and banish some myths that keep on being perpetuated. These myths cause confusion and unrealistic expectations which makes some artists’ creative journey that much more difficult.

For more info and stats see:
IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry): http://www.ifpi.org

Indie acts rely mainly on the consistent support of fans to continue to create their art, earn a living and get the word out, as opposed to Major label artists who have the financial and marketing backing of a corporation or corporations. Please support Indie artists and don’t wait for them to get at Major deal or become ‘famous’ to show your support. Buy their music now, spread the word now and attend shows if they do them. Some artists may have the chance to see if a Major label home is the right one for them, but many will not or will chose not to go down that path for various reasons. The Indie career path is a legitimate choice, just like the one of going the Major label route. A Major label deal does not validate talent.

Please take time out to check out the artists I mentioned in this video. There are many more that I’d like to introduce you to and will do so in other videos.

More links for the artists mentioned in the video:

Lisa Lavie

David Choi

Laura Broad


Meghan Tonjes

Thanks for tuning in and c ya next week.

Much love,


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