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Lizards Dance & Boys Fight on the way to the mall in Kampala Uganda. #vlog #africa

Lizards Dance & Boys Fight

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Lizards Dance & Boys Fight on the way to the mall in Kampala Uganda. #vlog #africa

Vlog: Lizards Dance & Boys Fight.

Walking to the mall in Kampala, Uganda. #vlog #africa

Hi loves! We Walked to Metroplex Shopping Centre (about 3km from where we live) for the first time and went to Nakumatt which is a grocery store. We saw a very cool looking lizardy thing that did a funky little dance for us and some boys having a heated discussion about a football game. It’s such a great walk with so much to see. Come along!

Anne Kansiime



Thanks for watching.

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TRO Update & What does a vacation mean to you?


Hi Everyone!

Missed u lovelies last weekend, glad to be back and thankful for the lil break I had.

A little a cappella taste of "Hello" for you and I wanna know what a vacation means to you? Do you have to go 'away' to have a vacay or does vacation to you just mean not doing the normal 'daily grind'?

Make sure to contribute to the 20K in 60 Days Project if you have not already and if you have, get family and friends to check it out and throw a lil something towards the project. If you don't have $$, please spread the word by sharing, tweeting, blogging and emailing about the project and send people to IndieGoGo.com/Natalie-Brown

Thank YOU for making this happen.

Much love,

“Hello” & Crowd Funded CD and DVD Production Announcement

Hi Everyone! Sorry this is up a day late, had a ton on my plate to ready this weekend. Enjoy this little clip from a verse of "Hello" and I reveal the big plan I've been working on. The project is called 20k in 60 days and all the details are at http://www.indiegogo.com/natalie-brown.

Please tell everyone you know about this and have them get a package.

Much love,



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