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The Relationship Odyssey Now Available

Hi Everyone!

I’m pleased to announce the release of my 4th CD “The Relationship Odyssey”. The official release date is January 17th, 2012!

The Relationship Odyssey Cover Artwork

“The Relationship Odyssey” is available to purchase as a physical CD at this site ONLY and digitally at iTunes. Other stores are rolling out in the coming weeks.

Please pick up a copy for yourself and a friend and spread the word.

A BIG thanks to the *following people who participated in the Crowd Funding campaign and helped to make this project happen.

Adama R.

Alvis S.


Angela A.

Angela H.

Anne L.

Anne M.

Anthony B.

Art G.

Dr. Walter S.

Emily O.

Frank J.

Gail J.

George R.

Glynda H.

Gregory S.

Ian C.

Jeanette M.

Pamela S.

Paul L.

Per E.

Petra c.

Phil & Laura L.

Rashiid K. C.

Ray F.

Raymond G.


Barbera S.

Baruch B. Y.

Buddy B.

Cecelia P.

Cendrine M.

Chrissy S.

Christine G.

Corey B.

Craig W.

Jeffrey B.

Jim B.

Joe G.

John C.

Jonnathan M.

Ken R.

Kitty X.

Kyle N.

Lois R.

Shaneh W.

Shannon D.

Steve N.

Steve W.

Stuart B.

Susanti van B.

Susaye G.

Terry A.

Thaddeus M.

Cynthia W.

Darci M.

David A.

David B.

David T.

Debra O.

D’Layna H-D.

Doc Q.

Donald L.

Lulu W.

Matt H.

Melanie D.

Michael W.

Mike B.

Muntazir Z.

Nazaret B.

Nicole C.

Nida Z.

Thomas B.

Volker Z.

Werner N.

Wilma B.

*Several people requested that last names not be used. To keep the list uniform we’ve kept all the last names as initials only. If you do not see your name listed and you crowd funded you either chose not to be listed publicly or you did not provide a name.

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