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June 2009

Check out Nigel Rowe’s “What’s The Word On The Street?” Blog for a lovely article he wrote about Random Thoughts:

The internet can truly be a beautiful place. While jumping around from site to site, I found myself on iseecolor.com and was drawn to the intriguing photo you see to the left.  After being taken to her profile, I realized that she is a recording artist and listened to her auto-play of tracks…  I was impressed.  In today’s world, everyone is a rapper, DJ, producer or singer and sadly, very few of them truly are, any of the above.  But Natalie Brown, she is definitely a singer and a good one at that.   Hearing her voice brings me back to the old days, with gems like Teena Marie and Luba Kowalchyk, and like Luba, Natalie Brown is also Canadian.  Yes, Canadians get a little extra love from me, because I know how hard it is for Canadian musicians to get recognition and more importantly, airplay in the US.  But thanks to the internet, the quality sounds of Natalie and other talented performers will be seen, heard and purchased without the need of big production and distribution houses taking the lion share of their money.

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Amie St. Album Spotlight on Random Thoughts

Amie St. did a lovely spotlight on Random Thoughts.

After a few years’ hiatus from the world of singing sweet, soulful melodies during tour after tour, Natalie Brown has reemerged on the pop scene with January’s release of Random Thoughts, a very organized lineup of catchy, sassy R&B hits.

The opening track Play Button It’s A Beautiful Day is a sprightly, pep-in-your-step picker upper, filled with early-’90s “doo doo”s, “la la”s and the like. Natalie struts her stuff in Play Button Around The World , which has a seductive “Genie In A Bottle” ring to it. This one, similar in style to many songs from her 2000 release Let the Candle Burn, allows the Canadian songstress to show some real spunk.

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For What It’s Worth

Steve and Dawn from “For What it’s Worth” have left their thoughts on Random Thoughts. Thanks!

I have just spent time listening to Natalie Brown’s second album release titled Random Thoughts, and all I can say is fantastic. Her music is a blend of Soul and Pop with a hint of soulful funk reminiscent of Earth Wind and Fire, and Natalie has the vocals to pull off this mix of genres.

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