Moving in Africa

Moving in Africa

[arve url=”” description=”HEADBUTTED by a Giraffe in Nairobi Kenya #vlog” /] Vlog: Moving in Africa Overland by van from Kenya to Uganda #vlog #travel #movingday Hi Loves! Today was the big day when we packed up in...

There’s a narrative about Africa told by the West that continues to leave out important details, at best, or misrepresent the continent and its people, at worst. Westerners seem to relish, to some extent, the pull at the heartstrings that comes when footage streams across the television of starving orphans wandering barefoot along the dirt roads of some remote village here. I say “relish” because seeing these images and then sending money, clothing, missionaries, or whatever makes many Westerners “feel good” because they are “doing something” to “help” those in need.

The Africa I know is strong enough to help itself.

-Gracie Smith, NYU Law

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