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Black Radio Blog: The Relationship Odyssey Shines

Review of “The Relationship Odyssey” by Black Radio Blog

Let me get straight to the point. Today’s music is embarrassingly awful and honestly don’t see any hope of today’s music getting any better. Black radio is dead and it seriously needs the second coming, angels, and the heavens to open up for it to be resurrected. I don’t know who in God’s name is making decisions in the music industry continually releasing awful music. They are actually doing it with a serious face.  Today’s producers are getting so much shine and praise when in fact they should be getting walking papers. I am not a conspiracy theorist. But I sometimes believe there is a group of people sitting together in a smoke filled room plotting to kill black music. I am actually being dead serious. But when I hear a new artist like Natalie Brown who comes out of nowhere with a album so wonderfully produced and a voice filled with so much soul and gift, it really makes me question what has happened to leadership in the music industry. ‘The Relationship Odyssey’ should be getting serious radio play.

Natalie Brown a Canadian soul/ R&B/Pop singer puts many black artists in the U.S to shame. Many oversees artists respect, understand, and show real appreciation for the real soul and R&B sound.  The Relationship Odyseey shows a love for the old school with ‘Your’re So Into You, and ‘Out the Door.’  Natalie showcases her pop sound with ‘Drifting’ and ‘Cant Leave Can’t Stay’.  The Relationship Odyssey is a rarity in music. Many listeners will be surprised to find out the whole album shines.

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