Natalie Brown

Musician, Vlogger & Entrepreneur

Finding Your True Voice

Listen to Natalie’s Interview on the Menopause Mindset Podcast with Host Sally Garozzo

Speaking from the heart, ignited by passion and confidence is something that many peri menopausal women feel like they are being called to do. This is a powerful journey into non conforming and writing your own rules.

“In this episode “Finding Your True Voice with Natalie Brown”, Natalie talks frankly about how changes in her career shook her to the core but also how it helped her start Life 2.0 with brand new eyes. We discuss her Rapid Transformational Therapy treatment and how it helped to turn the metaphorical light switch back on.”

Natalie is now an entrepreneur, specialising in branding and marketing and we discuss how entrepreneurship has enabled her to synthesise all parts of herself.

The conversation is infectious and juicy so please come on over and be inspired.

Every change starts with a conversation.

[47 minute listen]


Discover Natalie’s Music. Great for fans of Soulful, Pop, R&B and Adult Contemporary Music.


Watch Natalie’s Video Blogs (nVlogs) series and join in on her East African Adventures.


Business Brainstorming, Branding & Marketing for New Entrepreneurs

Soulful, Chill Pop Music

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Ever Wondered What It’s Like

To Live in East Africa?

Latest Release

You’re no good

This chill, laid back Pop song “You’re No Good” was originally recorded for a movie soundtrack.

Natalie’s Latest Music Release is a Chill Pop Single.

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About Natalie

Natalie is a Canadian born musician, Branding & Marketing Strategist and Lifestyle Vlogger currently based in Kampala, Uganda in Africa. With 4 full length albums, 1EP and 4 singles released since 2000 and over 750,000 YouTube views on her channel, Natalie embarked on a re-branding mission after her bold move to East Africa in 2015 to incorporate her main three loves of music, vlogging (video blogging) and entrepreneurship.

You can read more about her personal journey and her professional music journey here on this bio section of this website.

Maybe you can relate?

This Crazy, Colorful Life! So far!

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If you have a general question or just want to send me a quick note, please use the contact form below. For music licensing, booking, collaboration, appearance, label and general inquiries contact either Identity Music Group or InMotion Management via the form here.