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Hi Everyone! How was your week? It's been a gorgeous summer and definitely hot, hot, hot! Tell me if you can tolerate hot or cold better. What are some of your tips for staying cool in the hot summer heat? Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the brand new week we have coming up. Hope you enjoy my little nod to Sade! Any other Sade fans out there?

Much love,

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a fab week. In the middle of mix and it is getting busy for me with a few simultaneous projects on the boil. My bad for getting wrapped up in that fascinating convo this week. Glad I have a patient friend. I find that since I take so much inspiration from people and events around me for songs I can easily get sucked into listening to conversations etc. How about you? Much love, Nat


Hi Everyone! Going through the songs this week as we were mixing, I came across this song (not yet mixed) and realized I hadn't shared it with you. There are a few I haven't posted up it seems. Might share them all… might leave some as a surprise for the album 😉 It was an insane busy week, but we got so much done. There are several simultaneous projects I'm working on along with mixing "The Relationship Odyssey" so I've had to work at good time management lately! Were you surprised that Paul the Octopus guessed the right winning team? It was MAYHEM here in Downtown Toronto after the game was over. Entire blocks were filled with people waving flags, blowing whistles and Vuvuzelas and partying! I would really love to know your thoughts on us getting better looking as time goes on. Are we really or does the perception of 'beauty' just change according to time? Have a Happy week! Much love, Nat xo

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