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Is Food More Important Than Music?

Lately I have been enjoying making food more than making music. I had to think about that and I realized a few things. Will you indulge me in my heart spilling in a stream of consciousness to whoever might take the time to read it?

Once upon a time, back when I first started to make music, it wasn’t the ‘norm’… there weren’t all the tools available to do it like there are now and basically only actual musicians could make records. Making those records was a really special thing to do and when you put a record out people enjoyed it. They didn’t (always) rip them apart like you were someone on American Idol to be ‘judged’. They just bought the record, enjoyed it and sometimes let you know if they liked a song and told you what it meant to them. That felt so good. Me giving a piece of my soul to strangers and them loving it, feeding from it to sustain thier souls. This is why I make music. To feed a soul. Today, when I bake something or make a meal and I share that food with someone I feel like they enjoy it. I feel like that food made a difference to them in their day and it gives me such immense pleasure to feed someone and know they have enjoyed it.

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Hi Everyone!

So yeah…… let’s just say nVlogs will be uploaded sometime over the weekends from here on out. LOL

If you are doing the 90 Day Challenge, make sure you post a blog update, post in the forum at natFriends or comment below and let me know how things are going for you. I am really excited to finish my challenge and I so hope I can achieve all 3 goals I set, it’s been so awesome to do this with you all!

You can STILL join the Challenge as long as you choose something you can finish before June 25th. Join here: http://www.natalie-brown.com/challenge Feel free to also join the community even if you are not doing the challenge. I am trying to connect with you on a deeper level via the community site.

I think if I was living back in the “food taste test to see what happens days”, I would have been a wimp and seen what happened to other people before eating the food. LOL Sorry, I’m cautious when it comes to eating potentially life threatening foods, but I WILL jump out of planes! LOL LOL

Much love,

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