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Hi my friends!

How ya doin?

Here’s Episode 7. Sorry for the wind in some parts. It’s a windy spring around here.

Be nice to the buggies!


Hi my lovely friends!

How is your week going?

Tax deadline is tomorrow! Are you all done? Ready to pay the piper, give it up to Uncle Sam??? Hmmmm????

Ok so in this episode I show you Jerk Chicken, A Strip Club, we talk about freaking taxes and I show you a little of the vocal gymnastics I put myself through a few times a week… AND TYBOZE will QUIT tobacco if his viewers join my 90 Day Challenge. We MUST get enough viewers to make our friend Tybo a healthy man for life! WHOOT.

Tell me how your week was! What’s going on for you?

Check out the I Wanna Be Heard Music Contest and Tyboze

Until next time….


Hi Everyone!

I have had a really, really busy week so far, so sorry this is not edited better. I just didn’t have time for anything fancy-schmancy! Also, this is a bit of a technical nVlog as many people have been asking me about the music licensing I do, so here’s a little peek inside…

Please join me tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern for a chat on the natFriends Community. http://www.natalie-brown.com/community.htm


Hi Loves!

Well it was hit and miss for me this week. Got a lot done on the writing/recording/business tip, but not so much on the Fitness tip. I’m disappointed, but realize that I can learn from this week and try to better plan my schedule next week to fit everything in.

I hope you guys have had a great week and would love to hear how it went via comments on YouTube, a blog post you write on the natFriends! Community site or via video response at YT.

If you have joined the community, you will have received a notice last night about an upcoming live chat on Thursday, April 9th. Stay tuned for details and URL to come via message (only registered natFriends members will get the message, so be sure to register). If you are not a member of the natFriends! Community site, what are u waiting for? You do not have to participate in the challenge to join (tho I would love for you to join in). Just register and take part in all of the other cool things going on.

Open to all ages
Open worldwide
Open until Midnight EDT, June 25th, 2010
You must post your response in the comments box under this video titled ” Fitness FAIL and Word Games CONTEST!!!”.
The person who comes up with the most words by taking only the FIRST letter off another word and replacing it with a single letter wins

Winner will be announced via an nVlog episode and I will contact you privately to get your mailing info.

Autographed copy of the new CD when it is released
Recognition on the natFriends Community (a spotlight)
Pride in the fact that you are a wordy person! WHOOT

Please tell your friends, family, co-workers and anyone you like about the 90 Day Challenge and the natFriends! Community!

Until next time….



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