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Do you give off the same vibe in print as you do in person?

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are doing fabulously! In a busy time now making preparations for the live show and DVD. Been meeting informally with a few potential band members and it's been interesting! The meeting I had last week prompted this vlog topic.

So are you the same in person as you are in writing (online or offline)?

Wishing you an incredible, fabulous week!

Much love,




Pre-Sale and Crowd Funding Campain is now over!

Hi Everyone!

Amazing how quickly 2 months races by! I'm so proud of all of us for the money raised, the Tweets, the Facebook shares, the blogs… all the wonderful support! What a great experience to share with all of you.

Even though we did not reach the $20,000 goal, I am going to fund the rest of this project and make it happen so that both the CD and DVD can be produced. I think in the long run, having the DVD footage will be beneficial, so I'm going to make this happen. For those who funded, you will get project updates via the IndieGoGo mail blasts I send, but I will also try to keep everyone in the loop via the vlogs. 

It will be a very busy time going forward for me, so send me good energy 🙂

Thanks again for being a part of my life and Happy 30th Vlog Anniversary!

Much love,




Are you doing what you want?

Hi Everyone!

Yup, still down with that nasty cold, but I am steadily getting better.

So are you doing what you wanted to do when you are a kid? If no, why not and do you think you might ever try?

Make sure to contribute to the 20K in 60 Days Project if you have not done so already. If you have, THANK YOU, now please get family and friends to check it out and throw a lil something towards the project. If you don't have $$, please spread the word by sharing, tweeting, blogging and emailing about the project and send people to IndieGoGo.com/Natalie-Brown

Thank YOU for making this happen.

Much love,



Hi lubs, how arb yewb?

Yeah, that's sorta what it sounds like right now when I speak.

I haz cold.

Woke up with a raw, sore throat this AM… still managed to struggle through my meetings even though some moments I felt like I was sort of floating above myself (don't you just hate when your body does that!!!).

Got me to wondering….

What are some of your personal 'cold rituals'. What are foods you eat, things you take, things you do to make yourself feel better?

Me? I'm all about the hot tea and lemon, and Fisherman's Friends are my best buds and I take that cold/flu medicine if I'm really feeling whack. Things that make me feel less miserable: having Soulmate rub my back, pat my head and tell me I'll feel better soon, him loading me up with chicken noodle soup with extra garlic in it (it's good for colds!) and of course, my "Secret Steam".

So what about you? What are your 'Cold Rituals'?

I'm gonna get under the blankies and watch movies with my BFFs Fishermans Friends and Puffs with Lotion now… catch ya laterz.

A germ free MUAH for you all,


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